Tomatillo Tacos: Vegan & Gluten Free

Here is a Yummy Yummy recipe for Tomatillo Tacos. This Deelicious recipe has so many colors of nature’s rainbow, you will be well on your way to receiving some of your daily requirements.

Tomatillo Taco Ingredients:

1 Head of Radicchiowpid-screenshot_2014-10-14-07-56-59.png
1/2 cup of Cilantro Leaves (de-stemmed)
3 Medium to Large Ripe Avocados (peeled, pitted, diced)
2 Cloves of Garlic (peeled)
1/2 Red Onion (chopped)
1 teaspoon of ground Cumin
3 Tomatillos, (husked, chopped)
2 Medium Tomatoes (diced)
2 Limes (juiced)
1/2 Lemon (juiced)
Sea Salt & Pepper to taste
2 Cups Cucumber (diced)
1/4 Chopped Basil (optional)

guacamole in colorful blue bowl with tortilla chips

Tomatillo Taco Instructions:

1) Combine the Tomatillos, Cilantro, Avocado, Red onion, Garlic, Lime juice, Lemon juice, Cumin, salt and pepper in a food processor or blender and pulse until combined.

2) Separate Radicchio Leaves

3) Dice Cucumber

4) Coarsely Chop Tomatoes

To serve Tomatillo Tacos: 

1) Place the Radicchio leaves on a serving platter

2) Carefully place a heaping Tablespoon of diced Cucumber in each leaf.

3) Place a generous tablespoon of Tomatillo mixture over Cucumber.

4) Sprinkle some diced tomato over Tomatillo mixture.

5) optional thinly cut Basil strips on top of tomatoes

6) sprinkle a lil sea salt on top

*mixture makes about 30 tacos



Mmmm… I can’t wait to eat these Deeelicious tacos!

I look forward to hearing what you think of these tasty treats! Ohhh, they are so Yummy Yummy Baby!

Stay healthy & happy ~ Dr. Dee

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