About Dr. D…


Aloha everyone and welcome to Yummy Yummy Baby!

I am a lover of food, an eternal student and a foodie who loves to cook for my family… I will be sharing my knowledge and passion for healing Recipes, Remedies and Reflections.

Professionally, I’m a Clinical & Nutritional Psychologist, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Parent Educator for children with disabilities and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Doctorate Degree, but in addition to psychology, my other passions are Nutrition, Gardening, Healthy Cooking & Fitness!

After working in Health Care world for almost 30 years, there is one thing that has become evident, good health is achieved through tending to our Mind AND Body!  We thrive off of healthy thoughts, healthy food and healthy actions! Most importantly, we heal when we are awakened to our own physical and mental uniqueness…


My ultimate goal is to demonstrate how although some healthy foods can heal one person, it literally can be toxic to another person… “One man’s medicine can easily be another’s man’s poison”.

Is it enough to be a Raw Foodist, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic eater? The answer is that it all depends on our genetics and DNA. I see a lot of beautiful people sharing wonderful information, pictures of foods and recipes- I aim to take it one step further by bringing you provocative information about food and how it can impact your health…

I am motivated to provide information which demonstrates Conscious Living and Eating goes beyond a particular culture of food… it is important that you eat for your particular genes and DNA! WHO ARE YOU AT YOUR CELLULAR LEVEL?


I may only need an apple a day, but my son may need to eat 5 apples a day in order to meet his genetic uniqueness of health… and my other son may require 5 apples and 3 Oranges for optimal health.

Can bananas actually make someone bananas? Again, yes and no- it depends on your genes and DNA.

These recipes, remedies and reflections are used during my journey to sustaining good health. I look forward to sharing how foods, drinks, herbs, and oils can be both UNIQUELY healing and Yummy Yummy Baby!

Please always consult with and follow your doctor’s advice. This blog is not to be considered medical advice, but only a way to share ideas about what has worked for my particular family.

Sending Love & Light- Dr. Dee 🌞





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17 thoughts on “About Dr. D…

  1. shipleye

    Enjoying meeting you via your blog. I love eating a plant based diet and hope that soon, everyone will understand how healthy eating means a healthy body. My first experience with healthy eating was reading Diet for a small planet by Frances M Lappe back in the early 70’s where she talked about the land used to raise cattle vs land used to raise food. This caught my awareness right away and from then on, never looked back. We also produced Betsy’s Tempeh for 9 1/2 years in Mich. and since retiring continue to make it for ourselves and friends. We recently filed a patent for a tempeh incubator that could be used in restaurants and small shops making artisan tempeh for the local community. Check out our website for future updates. makethebesttempeh.org
    Happy healthy eating
    betsy shipley


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  3. urbavore

    Thank you for your post on protein needs for different ages–I saw it because you responded to a comment of mine on another blog. Anyway, it was exactly the information my daughter needed for a project on how girl vegetarian middle-schoolers can have a healthy diet.

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  5. Radz

    Dr. Dee how u? I jus happn to read ur blog, n im mother of baby gal who s turnin 5 mnths, problem im facin isshe s nt liking formula milk n my breast milk s nt sufficient even after i feed still she feels hungry n top up feedis given bt its been two mnths she s havin trouble drinkin formula! Happnto readcoconut milk receipe bt is it gud for babies r only meant for toddlers? Im from india do i get the products u mentioned in india? Pls help i want my baby to gainwt

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    • Hello. I can not give you any medical advice. I can say that I used this formula for my baby and he thrived. Once both of our stomach infections healed, I also supplemented with breast milk for the next 2 and a half years. If you have access to Amazon.com then you can order all of the products online. Please consult with your doctor and monitor for any allergies.
      I would also consider that you look into taking some natural lactation products that may increase your milk production. Make sure you are drinking atleast half your weight in water every single day.
      I’m sending you the most positive thoughts and hope that she starts to gain weight and thrive as my baby did! Dr. Dee


  6. Alice Zattau

    Hello Cousin!
    I have just shared your website with my friends a few of them are vegan and some are looking for ways to make healthy choices to their diet such as myself.
    I love and miss you.

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