Coconut Veggie Wrap



Coconut Paleo Sheet, Fresh Tomato Chunks, Fresh Zucchini Shavings, Fresh Coconut Slices, Fresh Carrot Shavings, Fresh Cilantro, Fresh Mixed Greens.

Sauce:  Vegenaise, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mustard, Honey, Salt, Pepper (all measurements to your taste)

Creamy Coconut WrapQuestion: Why did the tomato blush?
Answer: Because he saw the Salad Dressing… hahahaha!

Fun Fact:

Tomato is a fruit. The confusion arose after the 1890s when the US supreme court named Tomato a Vegetable for taxation purposes. A fruit is the edible part of the plant containing seeds, a vegetable is stem, leaf or root.

This Veggie/Fruit wrap is proof that Fast Food doesn’t have to be Junk Food and it’s Yummy Yummy Baby!

For Healthy Organic Tomato Facts (CLICK HERE)

Dr. Dee  😉

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