Natural Cures for Anxiety and Depression: Real Solutions

Depression and Anxiety are the leading causes of disability worldwide! Hmmm, why is that? đŸ¤”

Some Psychologists and Physicians are unaware that in examining the role of one’s genetics in Depression, we also need to assess our Mental & Food Diet, Toxic Exposure, Acute and Chronic Stress, Endocrine and Autoimmune Imbalance, Vaccine and Medication side effects and Special Synergistic combinations of these contributors that uncover a direct role in Depression and Disease.

Neither humans or animals are a one-size fits all diagnoses and treatment machine, we are individuals that respond well to natural cures that do not necessarily involve pharmaceutical drugs!

It is critical that Health Care providers understand that Humans and Animals are not interchangeable subjects in some randomized trial, we are not only our physical bodies, we are also impacted by our Beliefs, our Friends, our Joy, our Environment and our Stressors.

Every thought and every action that we repeat to ourselves and/or experience while awake or asleep impacts our health and well being.

These stressors can include not having someone positive to talk to, having a heavy or negative negative outlook about life, a stressful home, a stressful career, poverty, illness, a lack of contact with Nature, a lack of Real Sunlight, Air Pollution, too many Processed Foods, Constipation, a Nutrient-Depleted Diet, poor sleep and exposure to Chemicals, Pesticides, Plastics, Vaccines and Flu Shots.

We are our Microbiome, our Mitochondrial functioning and our own Personal Epigenetic Expression and we are our self talk. We each have a unique story, unique stressors and unique genetics that impacts our health.

Gut-brain communications are mediated by the immune system, endocrine connections such as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, and neural pathways involving the enteric nervous system. The gut microbiota is now known to play a pivotal role in gut-brain communications.”

What this means is, if you want your brain to feel better and think happier thoughts, you HAVE TO HEAL YOUR GUT AND HEAL YOUR THOUGHTS!

Again, EVERY positive or negative thought, every food and drink that goes in your stomach, on your skin, in your eyes, in your nose, impacts our mental health.

If you want to improve your overall mood and motivation then heal your self talk and heal your gut/stomach/brain relationship… this will lower your likelihood of mood disorders and diseases in general.


“Depression and Anxiety is not a broken brain, it is a response to your perceived stress – be it physical, emotional, or psychological.”

Our body can attempt to cope with unhealthy thoughts and an unhealthy diet and toxic chemicals by developing Inflammation which can result in the mind reflecting Depression and other Diseases!

We do not have to own the thoughts or foods or experiences that do not serve us. If you are experiencing inflammation, then pay attention to it! Inflammation is your body communicating to you that something needs to be healed, typically these are your thoughts and your gut!

Regardless of whether you have regular bowel movements, gut issues may still be present. Do you have mood swings, foul gas, bloating, constipation, stomach aches, continuously growing food allergies, eczema, psoriasis, acne, unhealthy cravings? All of these impact your mood and sleep.

Humans have evolved with plants, microbes and animal species to form a delicate web called “Life”.

Again, if you are experiencing Inflammation and a mood disorder such as, Depression/Anxiety, speak with a Functional Nutritionist and Psychologist about healing your gut & brain relationship with the following:

1. Vegan & Raw foods.

2. Anti-inflammatory 64oz /day Green Drinks/Smoothies & Supplements.

3. Quality oils, fats, real Sunshine! (Avocado & Coconut Oil)

4. Dairy & Gluten Free Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes that target brain health.

5. Creating a Positive Self Statement to repeat daily. (“I am Happy, Healthy, Beautiful & Loved”)

6. Exercise a minimum 4 X a week.

7. Stop taking the Flu Shot & Gluten, start taking supplements/foods/drinks that reduce Inflammation.

8. Detox your Mind & Body & drink at least half your weight in High Ph Water (Daily).

These 8 simple changes in your life will drastically improve your chances of dramatically improving all areas of your Physical Health and Psychological Health, especially Depression, Anxiety and Mood Swings!

Depression and other mood disorders are not cured by magical purple pills… Our moods are improved by changing how we think, how we eat, how we drink, how we live and what environmental stressors we are exposed to!

So now that you have a real list of how to improve your mood and health, how are you going to implement it?

1) Either join a gym or start walking, dancing, yoga or your exercise of choice.

2) Consult a Certified Nutritionist or explore the internet for more green Smoothie ideas & Whole Food Recipes from a Certified Functional Nutritionist.

3) Build your immune system and elevate your mood with Daily Sunshine, Healthy food, Herbs, Supplements instead of vaccines or pharma meds!

4) Buy quality water with a high Ph!

5) Start a garden or a container garden indoors or on your roof.

6) Join a group, a club or anything that gets you around positive people.

7) Follow me on Instagram @ Healthy.Desy and

8) Cleanse your body of chemicals & toxins!

All this means one thing:

Unless you get your body moving, your body can not transform into energy, the 135,000+ of calories the average person stores as fat!

You become a metabolic zombie: NO energy to think. NO energy to move. NO energy to motivate.

So do it… get moving today!

If you are interested in Quality, Vegan, Gluten Free supplements, send me a message for more information…

Wishing you health & wellness,

Dr. Dee

Depression and Sleep Deprivation: Magnesium is Key


Do you have chronic Depression & Sleep Deprivation? Is this your nightstand?

I can’t tell you how many people consistently tell me that they have insomnia. Regardless of age, race and socioeconomic status, people are having a hard time sleeping, which often results in Depression!

cold and flu

Many of these people have another thing in common, they suffer from Depression & Sleep Deprivation because of an undiagnosed Magnesium Deficiency.

Yes, your “Sleeping Aides” may be covering up an undiagnosed Magnesium Deficiency! Most traditional doctors don’t really test for Magnesium levels nor know how to test for Magnesium Deficiency.

Important Magnesium Facts:

1) Assessing magnesium status is difficult because most magnesium is inside cells or in bones. There is not one single way of diagnosing magnesium levels, so it is important to pay attention to other symptoms!

2) Many doctors forget to tell their patients that Magnesium and Calcium actually compete with one another and should be taken separately- not together!

3) It can be EXTREMELY dangerous for people over the age of 40 to be taking Calcium- especially if Heart Disease or Heart Attacks run in your family.

Ragazza che legge un libro

Foot Massage

There are many wonderful and relaxing songs, books and oils that can help us fall asleep, but some people need natural supplements to help stay asleep!

Possible Causes of Magnesium Deficiency:

1) Are you a Celiac or H-Pylori patient?

2) Do you have malabsorption issues?

3) Do you drink alcohol regularly?

4) Do you eat foods high in sugar or caffeine?

5) Do you have Chronic Constipation?

If you have insomnia and answered yes to any of these questions, consider Magnesium Deficiency.

Although Magnesium is absolutely critical for survival, the Standard American Diet typically does not provide adequate levels of Magnesium.

Incredibly, numerous studies show that if adequate levels of Magnesium exist, it is very difficult for disease to exist.

Yes, Magnesium helps every organ in your body, especially your brain and heart!

What are your family genetics?

Unless you have a severe genetic Calcium disorder or have taken radiation, then your Calcium risks need to be assessed before taking Calcium on a daily basis.

Again, many traditional doctors are unaware of potential Heart Risks associated with taking Calcium supplements.

By consuming foods high in Magnesium, combined with topical magnesium oil and oral magnesium, you may help restore your Emotional Balance & Sleep and any underlying Magnesium deficiency.

Due to depleted minerals in our soil, Magnesium rich foods alone are typically not sufficient in raising Magnesium levels, however, every bit of Magnesium in our food does actually help. Some Magnesium rich foods include Cashews, Almonds and Broiled Spinach.


If you have a Magnesium Deficiency, then magnesium foods may not be enough and you may need to speak to your Holistic Health Practitioner about Magnesium supplementation, along with Vitamin D and B6.
Linus Pauling Institute supports the latest RDA for magnesium intake (400-420 mg/day for men and 310-320 mg/day for women).

Some other symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency:

– Insomnia, Restless leg syndrome

– Headaches, Irritability, Seizures

– Diabetes, Poor Nail Growth, Low Blood Pressure

– Anxiety, Confusion, Abnormal Heart Rhythms

– Joint pain, Inflammation, Muscle aches

– Depression, Anxiety & Mood Swings

Woman sleeping on grass

If you have tried everything and nothing is working, consider visiting a Functional Medicine Doctor or Holistic Practitioner/Nutritionist/Doctor/Nurse about your Magnesium Levels.

There is a reason sleeping pills and alcohol don’t work!

Again, the most Bioavailable and effective way of taking Magnesium that will survive stomach acid is Topical Magnesium Oil PLUS Magnesium Acetate/Magnesium Gluconate capsules.

In the mean time, here is a Cashew Cheese Recipe that will add a little Magnesium to your diet!

Please click this Cashew Cheese Link for the recipe! Go get some Yummy Yummy sleep! Stay healthy & happy ~Dr. Dee

Heap of cashew nuts isolated on white background

***The food listed on this site is not to be used treat any illness, diseases or conditions. These recipes, remedies and reflections are here to raise awareness of healthy food options and why I chose the particular ingredients.

It is important to take caution in giving ASD children/adults Cashews. Cashews are high in Copper which is great for some people but contraindicated for many people on the Autism Spectrum.
Please follow your doctor’s advice and/or the RDA for the proper Magnesium dosage for yourself.

Magnesium can possibly loosen stools so it is important that you take the right dosage that works for your own particular bowels.

Topical magnesium can itch and really tingle your skin the first week of using it, this is normal and will completely subside.
Stay healthy and happy and go get some yummy sleep ~ Dr. Dee