Vegan Zoodles, Pesto & Sun Dried Tomatoes


Have you had one of those days when you just throw something together and it turns out so Yummy & Deelicious?!?

Well this Raw Zoodle Dish is definitely a crowd and tummy pleaser!

Easy + Yummy + Guilt free = Winner!

First buy some sort of Noodle maker…  They are all only about $20 dollars. I suggest the Spiralizer over other brands (research & personal experience)…

Either that, or use a ceramic peeler to create shavings. The texture is much better with the spiralizer… but anything works!

Homemade Zoodle Pesto:

1 bunch of Basil or Cilantro;
1/3 cup of pine nuts;
2/3 cup of Raw Coconut Oil;
5 cloves of Garlic;
Sea Salt to taste;
Pepper to taste;

Place all ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender until you have the  consistency you desire!

Toss & drizzle Pesto on top of Zoodles, thrown on some Sun dried Tomatoes and Voila!

You are going to be licking your plate!!! It’s so Yummy Yummy Baby! 😋😋😋.


Stay Healthy & Happy ~ Dr. Dee

Dr. Dee

4 thoughts on “Vegan Zoodles, Pesto & Sun Dried Tomatoes

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